2016 Los Angeles Summer Concours

The Los Angeles Summer Concours

When: Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Where: Gilbert Lindsey Plaza, 1111 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles

Admission: $250, limited to 500 attendees.

Contact: [email protected]

Information: lasummerconcours.com

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Image Source: Ferraris (lasummerconcours.com)

The inaugural Los Angeles Summer Concours d’Elegance brings its exclusive mix of fine foods and even finer automobiles to the California coastline this Saturday, June 4th.  In an attempt to deserve the title of a city widely regarded as a mecca of art and culture, the LASC promises to deliver an all-inclusive automotive and culinary experience for a select few. Instead of a traditional Concours d’Elegance with classes and judging, this event is a hands-on display of the most distinguished examples of high-end vehicles and racecars.

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Image Source: McLaren (lasummerconcours.com)

Over $50,000,000 worth of cars will grace the Gilbert Lindsey Plaza in front of the LA Convention Center, including the latest from Lamborghini and McLaren.  Vintage Ferraris will be shown alongside more modern examples, from the F40 to the F12 TdF and LaFerrari.  Porsche presentations will mirror Maranello, with everything from a new 918 hybrid to the classic 906 racecar.

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Image Source: Bentley Continental GT3 (lasummerconcours.com)

With only 500 guests, this is an extremely exclusive event, but the steeply-priced tickets are more purposeful than prohibitive; with so few attendees, the LASC can provide a more intimate experience, with direct access to display cars unmarred by shuffling crowds. A small number of guests also facilitates “epic gastronomic experiences,” as fewer plates assures all of the food is properly executed, and the drinks hand crafted.  Culinary offerings are presented by acclaimed Los Angeles local, Chef Mark Peel.   Tickets are still available, so hurry up.

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Image Source: Ferrari La Ferrari (lasummerconcours.com)