Pennsylvania Ferrari Concours d’Elegance 2016

The Pennsylvania Ferrari Concours

When: Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

Where: Reading Country Club, 5311 Perkiomen Ave, Reading, Pennsylvania

Admission: FCA and Ferrari owner exclusive

Contact: Call Regional Director Barry Cross at 215.880.0250


The 2016 Pennsylvania Ferrari Concours

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You’ll be Seeing Red

Formerly called the Reading Ferrari Concours, this prestigious automotive event is back at the luxurious Reading Country Club after a brief stint at the Simeone Automotive Museum.  The name may have gotten a bit more generic, but the quality of the cars being judged has remained world-class.  Over 100 vintage and distinguished Ferraris will be displayed for judging, not including the host of modern exotics driven to the event by presenters.

A line of red Ferrari Testarossas

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Previous years have seen the manicured lawns of the Reading Country Club dappled with Ferrari 250 GTs, F40s, and even Enzos.  This year’s Concours honors the smooth 80s lines and iconic side-strakes of the Ferrari Testarossa, the value of which has increased exponentially in recent years.  If you’re a member of the Ferrari Club of America, or know someone who is, this event promises an unrivaled collection of prancing horses.  Our Northeast Sales Manager, Keith Neelans, will be in attendance should any of the pristine Ferraris catch your eye.

Vintage Ferraris at the Reading Concours

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