Monterey Auctions 101

This years auctions in Monterey will be as exciting as ever and offer an excellent opportunity to learn about and purchase a favorite make and model. These fast-paced events will be running Tuesday August 11th through Sunday August 16th and will require careful preparation for buyers. Premier can offer a few pointers for you to consider:

1. Get your personal finances in order to avoid buyer’s remorse, such as a signed bank letter and a predetermined budget. Don’t forget to include any taxes, buyer’s premium, and shipping in your overall costs. Remember that leasing is a viable option for most of  the vehicles being sold, whether it’s a vintage Ferrari or Porsche or a pre-war Duesenberg.  To pre-qualify for Premier’s Simple Lease and preserve your capital, click here.

2. Do your homework – study the auction’s catalogue and website for information about the car you wish to buy. Know the car’s value and what you can personally afford. Sign up for a service that can find and list a vehicle’s past history.

3. Ask questions at the event before the bidding starts or attend preview events like the Sports Car Market Insider’s Seminar at Gooding & Co to learn all you can about the car. Enlist the help of a licensed appraiser and a mechanic to judge the value and quality of the car. Check all paperwork carefully and make sure the title of ownership is on-site. Get to the auction early to beat the crowds and avoid distractions.

4. Remember not to get too caught up in the competition when bidding is underway. Keep a cool head, keep your paddle in check and your car will be within reach.

The Premier Financial Services Team will be in attendance at most of the Monterey auctions. We hope to see you and will welcome your questions. Contact us toll free, 877.973.7700.