In Memory of Pietro Castiglioni

Thirty years ago, Pietro Castiglioni had a dream to have owners display their Ferrari automobiles at an annual event. The very first show started out with only two vehicles as an “Italian car show” on the grounds of Alvernia College. The two cars featured were a 1979 Alfa Romeo GTV and a 1980 Ferrari 308. From these humble beginnings grew what is today the Reading Ferrari Concours d’Elegance—a day for owners to come together with their cars to admire and appreciate the Ferrari automobile.

Pietro and his family worked tirelessly throughout the year to make this event happen. He was suddenly taken away from us just 11 days before this 30th anniversary show. With much pain, Vikki, Ben, André and Lauren decided to go forward with the show as a tribute to Pietro. They truly believe it was what he would have wanted. He was very proud of the “Family of Ferraristi” that grew from this event. Pietro, you will be sadly missed here today, but never forgotten. We know that you will be looking down at all of us and smiling. Rest in peace, and thank you for sharing the spirit of Enzo Ferrari with all of us.