Model Perspective: The Ghibli Combines Style and Sport

In our 2013 spring newsletter, we profiled the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte, termed by one auto reviewer as “deliciously decadent” with a “race-bred engine” under the hood of a luxury sedan. With a price tag averaging $130,000, the Quattroporte may be a dream deferred for some admirers. The 2014 Maserati Ghibli, on the other hand, may be the car to make those dreams come true.

The Ghibli shares the “presence and proportion” of the Quattroporte, according to The Car Connection, but at half the price.

Maserati designed the Ghibli “to make driving a special car an everyday sensation.” The company website declares “the Ghibli combines its striking appearance and unmistakable Italian style with significant levels of comfort. The car’s elegance and sporty verve are immediately apparent in the clearly defined lines and forms of a body strongly inspired by the Maserati tradition.” The Maserati radiator grille with its vertical fillets recalls the GranTurismo and the A6 GCS Berlinetta.

The models comprise the sporty 410 HP Ghibli S version, also available with Q4, the 330 HP Ghibli and, a 275 HP Ghibli Diesel.

Under the hood is a 3 liter Twin Turbo V6 engine designed by the Maserati Powertrain engineers and built at the Ferrari plant in Maranello, Italy. The company says the engine is “highly efficient” and “capable of achieving even lower fuel consumption and emissions, while still delivering sporty performance.” With aluminum alloy crankcase and cylinder heads, the V6 engine is “compact and lightweight to guarantee even better handling.” Performance wise, the Ghibli can do zero to 60 mph in 4.5 to 5.4 seconds with a top speed of 177 mph. EPA city/highway driving is 17 to 18/24 to 25 mpg.

The soundtrack for the drive may be as impressive as the drive itself. The “new-generation premium HiFi system, developed in association with the specialists at Bowers & Wilkins,” boasts 15 speakers, a 1,280 Watt amplifier and Quantum Logic® Surround system to guarantee “unparalleled sound.”

The interior, described as “spacious” and “minimalist,” can be customized to suit individual taste. The company sees its “choice materials” as yet another feature that distinguishes the Ghibli from competitor vehicles in the segment. The company offers a range of interior colors and materials and the soft leather upholstery can also be used on the dashboard and doors. According to the website, “the Ghibli places no limits on its driver’s desires and preferences.”

Car and Driver predicts that “those who simply want to be different will want this car.”