Model Perspective: Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin recently added a whole new dimension to their showrooms.  Long known for bespoke high performance coupes and convertibles, the line up has been enhanced by the addition of two additional doors.  Aston Martin calls the Rapide the world’s most beautiful four-door sports car.  And a beauty it is.  Anyone used to the sporty, elegant lines of the Vantage, DB9 or DBS will instantly recognize the newest stable-mate.  Aston Martin has very successfully created a four-door automobile that reflects the brand DNA without any compromise.

Aston Martin designed the Rapide to include an additional two passengers without sacrificing the sporting nature of the car or the level of luxury Aston customers have come to expect.  The Rapide’s interior is clothed in fine leather and handcrafted wood and includes all the features to be expected in an exotic car.  A first for an Aston Martin is the optional twin screen entertainment center for the rear seat passengers.

Of course this car is about the extra doors.  “I can grab my buddies and their clubs and head to the golf course in a Rapide,” says Kurt Fegraeus, Managing Partner of Aston Martin Dallas.  According to Fegraeus the rear seats and available luggage room surprise everybody who has sampled this car.  While not an SUV, this four-door sports car is a great choice for anyone with discriminating taste who have children to shuttle around or for nights on the town with another couple.

The Rapide has been very well embraced by the Aston Martin community.

Fegraeus tells us that each car so far delivered was pre-purchased with the next twelve months allotment spoken for.  If you are in line for The world’s most beautiful four-door sports car, why not lease it through Premier Financial? Contact us toll free, 877.973.7700, for more information, or get started by filling out our Simple Lease Application.