Model Perspective: Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Alfa Romeo, recognized for motorcars with elegant lines, race-ready engines and evocative use of hand-rubbed paint and fragrant leathers, is returning to the North American market after more than a decade’s absence.

The 8C Competizione, introduced as a concept car at the 2003 Frankfurt show, boasts a curvaceous carbon-fiber-composite, steel reinforced body. An F1, 450 horsepower engine resides under the long 8C hood.   The very contemporary and tastefully appointed interior integrates traditional features from Alfa’s past, including the basket weave leather seats reminiscent of the popular 1960’s Alfa GTV with a modern carbon-fiber dash.

Already winning rave reviews in Europe and elsewhere, American buyers should have their first glimpse of this stunning two-seat coupe by the Fall of 2008. “This car is nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous” states Roberto Perrina of Ferrari of Seattle, one of seven dealerships chosen nationwide to receive this coveted motorcar.  “We expect to receive our allotment by late summer or early fall”, says Roberto. When asked how many cars they will receive he said, “all the dealerships selected are getting their fair share and our allotment is already sold out.”

“This car has generated a huge buzz for Alfa enthusiasts”, states Roberto who has four vintage Alfa’s himself. “The 8C Competizione is a very desirable motorcar and will top off any vintage Alfa collection”, he says” Ten years from now Alfa aficionados will look at this car and say it looks as new and fresh as it did in 2008″.

“Alfa Romeo has injected their marque with new energy”, says Roberto, “The 8C has secured Alfa’s place in the North American market for years to come.”