Industry Interview: Skip Barber

Skip Barber is well known for his racing school, which has trained over one-third of all Indy 500 competitors and one-quarter of Nascar Sprint Cup competitors. He is also one of a select few Americans to compete in a Formula 1 World Championship. Our conversation with Skip goes deeper; covering little-known facts about a career that’s been dedicated to motorsports.

In this interview, Skip explains:

  • The twists and turns of his business relationship with Lime Rock Park and his racing school
  • His friendship with the actor Paul Newman, who was a dedicated race car driver
  • The main reason why he quit professional racing; unrelated to the physical danger
  • His long-term outlook for motorsports, as autonomous cars gain acceptance

To learn more about Skip and how he’s continued to sustain Lime Rock Park’s reputation as one of the nation’s finest tracks, click here to read our entire interview.


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