Mckeel Hagerty, CEO The Hagerty Group, Premier Financial Services, Residual Values Industry Interviews

McKeel Hagerty

McKeel Hagerty is CEO of Hagerty, the world’s largest membership, financial services and media organization for collectible vehicles and owners, and an in-demand speaker on business success, leadership, and personal growth.
With a non-traditional educational background in philosophy and Russian Orthodox theology, McKeel grew his family’s small insurance business in Traverse City, Michigan, into an international market leader with more than 900 employees and ofƂces in America, the UK, Canada, and Germany. Click to Read More…… Read More ›

Keith Martin, Founder of Sports Car Market and American Car Collector Magazines., Premier Financial Services, Residual Values Industry Interviews

Keith Martin

Keith Martin has been involved with the collector car hobby for more than thirty years. As a writer, publisher, television commentator and enthusiast, he is constantly on the go, meeting collectors and getting involved in their activities throughout the world. He founded the monthly Sports Car Market magazine 30 years ago, and it is recognized as the authoritative informed voice of the collector car hobby. Martin’s second publication, American Car Collector, continues to be the fastest growing collector car publication in America. Click To Read More…… Read More ›

Wayne Carini Residual Values Industry Interview Bentley Premier Financial Services

Wayne Carini

Wayne Carini has a lifetime of experience in automobile restoration, and a resume that includes work on rare car collections owned by Letterman, Lendl and DuPont. He’s been featured in the New York Times as well as numerous automobile magazines, and for the past decade, Wayne has been host of the highly acclaimed Chasing Classic Cars on the Velocity Channel, where he gives viewers an insider’s look into his personal mission to uncover the world’s most rare and exotic cars. … Read More ›

Skip Barber

Born in the Philadelphia area, Skip Barber, always a “car guy,” managed to race while a senior at Harvard in the late 1950s. He won the very first race he entered. In his first professional race, Skip led world champion Jim Clark in an identical Lotus 23 for 190 miles; it was the car, not the driver, which couldn’t manage the final 10 miles. Skip eventually became one of just a handful of Americans to reach Formula 1…. Read More ›