Regional Manager

In June of 2014,
Keith joined the PFS team as Northeast Regional Sales Manager after 10 years as General Sales Manager at a Porsche dealership.

His expertise in driving sales and assisting clients in their quest to find the perfect vehicle adds to an already stellar team at Premier.

Keith's professional service and dedication assures his clients a memorable experience acquiring their vehicle.  Those that know Keith consider him to be goal oriented and credit much of his success to his relentless follow-through and the personalized attention he provides to his clients and dealers.

"I love interacting with people who have a passion for cars. It is just as exciting to work with them on 'the deal' as it is to watch them enjoy the driving experience. I am happy to be a part of a team that shares my deep commitment to excellence with customer and
dealer service."
Premier Financial Services
47 Sherman Hill Road
Woodbury CT 06798
Welcome to our July 2018 Newsletter with articles that feature David Lee's fully restored and transformed Dino, Peterson Museum's Finish Line Profile of our CEO, Mitch Katz, a Day at the Museum in Portland, Oregon and more. 
As a dedicated auto enthusiast, our CEO, Mitch Katz, is a member of the Checkered Flag 200 Club supporting the  Petersen Automotive Museum  in Los Angeles. Mitch was recently profiled in Finish Line, Peterson's flagship publication.   Read More... 
The early results of automotive streamlining were nothing less than art, which is why the museum is celebrating the era with a special exhibit. Read More...

Our conversation with Keith covers his early years as a ballet dancer and director, and evolution into one of the most respected voices in the sports car industry. Keith shares the details on his unusual career path, as well as helpful insights for car enthusiasts.  Read More...
In a market overflowing with 600-
horsepower sports cars and sedans, a recent lessee reminded us how much fun 120 horsepower can be.  

For the third time, I participated in the New England 1000 Rally, a beautiful drive through the Catskills and Berkshires, with interesting side trips and stops in Rhode Island and Connecticut. And the top stayed down the entire time!  Read More... 

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