In June of 2013,
with 10 years of automotive finance experience, Michelle joined Premier as the Southwest Regional Sales Manager.

She has since
doubled the region's performance and greatly expanded Premier's network of exotic and vintage dealers.

Michelle's passion for automobiles together with her focus on customer service ensures that dealers and their clients have a memorable and satisfying experience acquiring their vehicles.

"At PFS, we strive to
make certain that every situation is a win-win by offering a flexible leasing option that best serves
the client's financial objective. I enjoy the hands-on involvement and sharing the excitement when they take delivery
of their car and
drive away happy."

Premier Financial Services
47 Sherman Hill Road
Woodbury CT 06798
Welcome to our May 2018 Newsletter featuring articles that include the ins-and-outs of importing a vintage vehicle, a review of Premier's most leased Ferrari, and VINwiki's interview with PFS CEO, Mitch Katz, explaining how Premier's Simple Lease Program works. 
Remember exotic car dealer Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) in the movie
"Rain Man"?  Don't be Charlie Babbitt.
If you're importing an exotic car...
bring in a professional.
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The 458 Italia reset just about every measurement bar one could apply to a high-performance sports car. The editors at Motor Trend magazine wrote "this Ferrari turns mere mortals like you and me into driving gods."   Read More... 
Mitch Katz recently visited Ed Bolian at the VINwiki studio and provided a detailed perspective on how PFS makes leasing decisions and how collectors use leasing to build their collections & profits. Watch Now...

Aston's DB11 is objectively superior to its ancestors in every measurable way, as any new automobile should be. But in the many ways it remains very much imbued with the spirit of its predecessors.  Read More...

Learn firsthand how and why Premier Financial Services has set the industry standard and continues to raise the bar in this CarsYeah podcast interview with Mitch Katz, the firm's founder and CEO.  Listen Now...

Premier Financial Services sponsored this year's Corsa America Rally, from New York City to San Diego.  Read More...
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