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Newmp Bentleybentayga

Bentley calls the Bentayga the fastest SUV in the world. Premier Financial Services stands ready with its effective Simple Lease to help clients acquire a Bentley Bentayga in the most financially sound way.

Of Roadtonowhere

The call of the road was a key part of the American experience for decades. The coming of the ‘popular priced’ car with the Ford Model T gave folks that lived in the country a way to more easily get to the city and those that lived in the city a more convenient way to get out to the country.

Newmp 2016porschecaymangt4

The car that Porsche purists would build for themselves if they were running the show in Stuttgart: a Cayman with the 911 Carrera S engine. But Stuttgart isn’t satisfied with mere engine upgrades. And so to create the Cayman GT4, the wizards of Weissach reworked.

R&r 2015southwestpassage

On the 2014 Texas 1000, two rallyists from Santa Fe suggested that Jean and I organize one of our Vintage Rallies in New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. So we did. Our first Southwest Passage was so overbooked that our crew had to stay in a separate hotel when we ran out of rooms.

Vc Maserati3500gt

In 1957, Maserati began proper production with its Maserati 3500GT, a pretty coupe with coachwork by Touring… and leasing by Premier Financial Services.

Newmp 2016mclaren650s

It’s not like McLaren needs to incentivize sales of this supercar. Its very existence is incentive enough. For your best use of funds when acquiring a 2016 McLaren 650S, you should already be thinking about leasing one through Premier Financial Services.

Mm Astonmartinv8

The Aston Martin V8 models built from 1969-1989 are today responding to increased collector interest with –with rising values. Eventually, in high-performance Vantage form, they helped set the stage for the marque’s resurgence.

Vc 1962ferrari250gtswbberlinetta

Even casual Ferrari buffs know the distinguished place the 1959-1962 250 GT SWB holds in the family. Bought and raced extensively by privateers, the “Short Wheelbase Berlinetta” was a critical evolutionary link between the bigger 250 GT Competizione (a.k.a. “Tour de France” or TdF) of the late 1950s and the 250 GTO.


In 2015, Concorso Italiano will once again be a key event of Monterey Automobile Week. Concorso Italiano’s unique format features more than 800 vehicles of Italian origin, and this year includes a reunion gathering for over twenty 250 GTE owners.

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