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New Model Perspective 2017 Ford Gt

The 2017 Ford GT is a close sibling to the car that won at Le Mans this year. From its carbon fiber tub and bodywork to pushrod suspension, the Ford GT leaves no doubt about its track lineage. The design, while thoroughly modern in terms of aerodynamic science, draws a stylistic line back to the 1966 Le Mans winner.

Vc Porsche914

When citing mid-engine heritage, Porsche tends to skip over its 914, of which 119,000 were built from 1969-1976. That oversight might seem understandable, considering that Porschephiles had themselves long snubbed the 914. Today, though, they’ve widely accepted the 914, and collector interest is rising.

Vc Maseratighibli

Named for a North African windstorm, the original 1967-1973 Maserati Ghibli blew through the ranks of Italian GT’s as a 150+ mph instant classic and – to most eyes — one of the most beautiful cars ever made. There is no questioning the original Ghibli’s place in the pantheon of motorized Italian masterpieces.

Vc Porsche298

It should be celebrated as one of the greatest GT coupes of all time. It could be held up as the blueprint for a modern GT coupe. Instead, it is sometimes brushed off, even by some marque loyalists, as the product of brand misdirection. It is the 1978-1995 Porsche 928

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