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Monterey Itinerary 2016

Premier Financial Services hopes to see you and your car at the over 50 events and venues for the Monterey Auto Week 2016. In attendance will be Premier’s CEO Mitch Katz, Vice President of Sales Doug Ewing, Southwest Sales Manager Michelle Yancey, West Coast Sales Manager Juan Garcia, and Southeast Sales Manager Chris Warren.

2016 Concours D’elegance Of America

Formerly the Meadow Brook Concours, a change of venue to the Inn at St. John’s brought with it a new name without a sacrifice to the quality and character of the event. Considering its location in America’s automotive manufacturing heartland, mere minutes from Detroit, the name rings true.

Day At The Museum Gilmore Car Museum

Nestled between Detroit and Chicago, in America’s car manufacturing heartland, the Gilmore displays a massive assortment of predominantly post-war racing, sports, and consumer automobiles. Since 1966, this museum has been displaying historic automobiles, from the unparalleled luxury of Pierce Arrow, to the the elegance and reliability of the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

Roads & Rallies Spring Rallye

This Friday, June 24th, marks the Vintage Sports Car Club of America’s annual Spring Rallye, with an extra E for elegance. Similar to its youthful cousin, the Sports Car Club of America, the VSCCA is a venerable institution that promotes the acquisition, use, and appreciation of sports cars.

The Elegance At Hershey 2016

This weekend, the finest quality collector and special interest automobiles from before 1960 assemble in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The main event kicks off Sunday amidst the well-groomed topiary of The Hotel Hershey.

Roads & Rallies 2016 California Mille Review

This past April, 25th-28th, the west coast’s tribute to the historic Mille Miglia wound its way though 1000 miles of California countryside. Now in its 26th year, the California Mille is a vintage road rally for cars that would have been eligible for the original Italian street race.


When Restorations Go Bad: If the shop is not doing the job right – or at all – get the car and take it somewhere else. Read the full article here.

Dayatthemuseum Thenethercuttcolection

The Nethercutt Museum offers a walk through the history of the automobile, showcasing over 130 pre-1970 cars broken into categories based on era of production. Next door, The Nethercutt Collection occupies the museum’s former residence, with four floors of only the finest antiques.

Mm Rolls Roycesilverghost

Introduced in 1907, the Silver Ghost was Rolls-Royce’s first large-scale production automobile. Mechanically advanced, well-built, and well-marketed, it remained in production largely unchanged for almost twenty years. With over 8,000 chassis produced, this noble 6-cylinder put the budding luxury marque on the map and cemented their reputation for quality.

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