Suzanne de Bary

PFS Responsibilities: “I am the Operations Manager responsible for Information Technology, Facilities and our administrative staff. I also have experience in Human Resources, Sales Support, and Client Services.  In my position, I cross-train staff to assist in every department, with the exception of Accounting. I also spearhead the professional development efforts for PFS staff outside of their normal job training.”

Working at PFS: “Premier has given me a chance to learn and grow professionally and personally.  I enjoy learning new things, being creative, and helping others.  The hardest challenges are unexpected curve balls I face at any moment in IT. Some of my greatest achievements have come from overcoming those hurdles and gaining new skills through the experience.”

Personal Life: “I was a Division 1 athlete at the University of Connecticut and that experience made me into the person I am today.  I learned discipline, hard work, and being a team player as an athlete. Those skills have been fundamental to my success in my professional career.  In my spare time I’m a volunteer coach for local youth softball teams and work to expand my knowledge and skills in IT.  My next goal is to become a FileMaker certified developer.”

Dream Car: “A Ferrari 488 GTB in Atelier Blue Corsa. I would never drive it: it would just sit in my driveway, so I could admire its beauty.”

Suzanne’s Insight for PFS Clients: “They should ask questions about our program and get to know us.  Their passion is cars, and our passion is helping our clients to own these amazing vehicles.”

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