Saryna Jones

PFS Responsibilities: “I joined PFS after many years of servicing them as a vendor. As Marketing Coordinator I help coordinate all the marketing activities and initiatives of our organization. I assist in carrying out and designing promotional campaigns, identify target audiences, evaluate current trends and coordinate sponsorships.  I maintain the image of the company internally, in print ads, and across all social media platforms. Being on the Operations Team, I assist in various office tasks to ensure that office operations run smoothly at all times.”

Working at PFS: “As a former business owner, I understand the importance of superior customer service and having the right team in place to maintain a successful business. Although there are different departments at PFS, we all work together as a team to ensure that customers’ expectations are met.”

Personal Life: “I’m a creative person and have been fortunate to have made a career out of it for almost 30 years. As a graduate of Paier College of Art, I pursued a career in graphic design by first having my own business and later working for a printing company, where I was introduced to PFS. I am also proud to have raised three amazing children.”

Dream Car: “There are so many cars to choose from, but I’m a sucker for James Bond, so my obvious choice would be an Aston Martin DBS.”

Saryna’s Insight for PFS Clients: “At PFS, we work together as a team and as a family. When you decide to lease with Premier, you become part of our family. Everyone here works hard to make your automotive dream a reality.”

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