Gia Paulus

PFS Responsibilities: “My biggest responsibilities at Premier are to work with the Asset Management team to keep track of vehicle titles and insurance coverage. I also help our Operations team with phone calls, projects, and anything else that needs an extra set of hands.”

Working at PFS: “I feel like I fit right in here. The culture, sense of humor, and atmosphere are so welcoming, and my Premier cohorts are very kind to me. Every day poses a new challenge, and my desire to learn and grow is always fulfilled.”

Personal Life: “I have a BA in Italian Language and Anthropology, which has made me a big reader and writer. I’m bilingual Italian and English. I also love crafting. My favorite crafts are sewing, crochet, hand embroidery, and needle felting… although there are few crafts I haven’t tried.”

Dream Car: “I love the look of small and compact cars. Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted a 1963 VW Beetle styled like Herbie the Love Bug and I still do. As an adult, I’ve also gained an affinity for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and MiTo.”

Insights for PFS Clients: “The entire PFS team is here to help you with whatever need you may have. We have a loyal clientele for a reason: our customer service is top-notch.”

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