Christopher Petrucci

PFS Responsibilities: “In addition to my accounting responsibilities, I provide hands-on assistance for every other department at PFS.”

Working at PFS: “This is the only job I’ve had where I understand and enjoy learning the process, tasks and responsibilities of all other departments.  It is gratifying that my coworkers place their faith in me. Whether the issue is accounting-related, or unique to their own department, I’m confident to take on any challenge to assist them to the best of my ability.”

Personal Life: “I met the love of my life (and now wife), Amy, at Premier. We’ve been together for 5 years now. I co-own a non-profit theater company that performs within Connecticut. I read (a lot), write, draw, and have an interest in movie production. One day, I would love to teach a high-school course about fiscal responsibility and the understanding of finances and taxes in daily life.”

Dream Car: “Ferrari FF. I like how they look and I’d love to own one.”

Chris’ Insight for PFS Clients: “We excel at what we do. The major factor being, the relationships we forge with both client and dealer. We offer an easily accessible and open line of communication and provide the concierge service that every client and dealer deserves.”

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