Brooke Healy

PFS Responsibilities: I perform several tasks a day to assist both the Operations team as well as the Sales team. As part of my daily responsibilities, I perform office duties such as answering phones, mailing correspondence and handling FedEx. I also aide the Sales Team with processing applications, sending lease and loan applications to clients or dealers, create and dispatch quotes for Sales Managers, and continue to keep them informed about rates, profits, and other relevant details from those quotes.

Working at PFS: Although new to Premier, I already feel like part of an exceptional and successful team. The welcoming atmosphere and the support from everyone has been incredible, especially as I am still learning my role. My colleagues are always ready to help and provide valuable feedback. It’s clear that everyone here genuinely wants each other to succeed.

Personal Life:  I love spending time with family, friends, and loved ones who are an important part of my life. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, embarking on adventures, and coaching youth lacrosse.

Dream Car:  A Mercedes-Benz-G-Class G AMG 63

Insight for PFS Clients: Premier is focused on working with clients and helping them get the car of their dreams. Their customer service is unmatched. We take pride in being able to make the entire process from beginning to end as smooth and effortless as possible.