5 of Today’s Greatest Car Designers

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As a car enthusiast, you’re likely not a stranger to the effort that goes into creating a vehicle’s design. From sleek and stylish exteriors to interiors that baffle the imagination, what makes it to the showroom is undoubtedly the culmination of an incredibly painstaking process which may take years to develop and hundreds of top-down revisions.

Roads & Rallies: The 27th Annual Colorado Grand

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The Colorado Grand is an annual charity tour for 1960 and earlier sports and race cars of distinction. Every September at the peak of the fall color season, approximately 85 vintage cars are driven in this relaxed, non-competitive event, covering 1,000 miles through the Rockies in five days.

This Car Matters: 1954 Mercedes Benz 300 SL

Finance a Mercedes

Congratulations to our friend Dennis Nicotra as he makes drive-history being inducted into the National Historic Vehicle Association with his purchase of the first Mercedes-Benz Type 300 SL sold in America. It was never Mercedes- Benz’s intention to sell this model vehicle, but rather to showcase the brand’s design talents.

Cars to Watch at Amelia

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For many, vehicles are a statement piece, a work of art, and a prized possession. This weekend at the Amelia Island Auctions there will be many venues showcasing today’s finest example of automotive engineering. Premier Financial Services has a team in attendance at the Amelia Island Auctions and Concours d’Elegance this year, including Mitch Katz, Doug Ewing, Keith Neelans and Christopher Warren. Here are a few of the autos we’ve got our eye on this week.