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Read the 23rd annual preview for the upcoming New England 1000 Rally Sunday May 17-Friday May 23rd. This rally includes going to the Mohonk Mountain House, Cranwell Resort and 1000 miles of driving fun!


The 2014 Turbo S is the most advanced production 911 to date. With 560 hp, this all-wheel-drive, all-weather makes the way way ahead of its time 959 look like a 911E. It’s two seconds faster to 60 mph and vanquishes the 959 in every measure. If its $183,695 base price seems cheeky, consider 1987’s $225,000, 444-hp 959 in today’s dollars, which works our to $475,000.

Ameliaisland2015 Concours&auctionschedule

Premier Financial Services looks forward to the many events at Amelia Island this weekend. In attendance will be Premier’s CEO Mitch Katz, Vice President of Sales Doug Ewing, Southeast Sales Manager Chris Warren and Northeast Sales Manager Keith Neelans.

Mp Theferrari488

If you haven’t already met Ferrari’s new 488 GTB, then consider this your introduction to one of the sleekest turbocharged vehicles of 2016. A successor to the Ferrari’s beloved 2009 458 Italia, the 488 keeps all the promises made by the automaker, who guaranteed all of its future engines will either be turbocharged or hybridized to meet public and environmental demand.


The 9th Annual Boca Raton Concours took place this weekend at the famed Boca Raton Resort and Club as the cooler temperatures from Friday night’s Jet Port event dissipated quickly for a surprisingly warm Sunday Concours.

Elvispresley Theconsummatecarcollector

Elvis Presley was not only the King of Rock and Roll, he was also one of the top car collectors in the world during his lifetime. His fever for the automobile started in the 1950’s after borrowing a ’51 Chevy from a friend. Elvis was drawn to being at the wheel, and as he began to amass a considerable fortune through his musical and theatrical career, he quickly began adding to his collection.


Making a list of the world’s most remarkable celebrity car collectors isn’t particularly easy, as there are numerous personalities who have a fondness for the automobile. However, some have truly set themselves apart when it comes to their collections. This includes Jay Leno, Patrick Dempsey, and more.

Cavallion2015 Blusterybutbeautiful

The Breakers Hotel welcomed the roar of contemporary and vintage Ferrari’s to their quiet island for this year’s Cavallino Classic. Parking difficulties are always a great way to judge the crowd and we were hard-pressed to find a spot. All spaces were filled with Ferrari’s, Bentley’s, Lamborgini’s and so on. Restaurants and bars were full of great stories of Ferrari’s. As always, Palm Beach never disappoints.

Dayattheporschemuseum Stuttgartgermany

Located in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart, Germany, the museum lies just outside of the carmaker’s main headquarters. The museum’s displays pay homage to the manufacturer’s most beloved, iconic vehicles, which include the 911 (shown above), as well as the 356, 550 and 917. Read further to take you to Germany- without the cost of an airline ticket.

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