The Vintage Corner – You don’t need fancy to be fulfilled

Porsche 356

Admit it. You’ve enjoyed an extraordinary, five-star dinner and thought, That was the best meal ever! The chef must be a genius, a food god! How will my palette ever be that satiated again? Then, hours later, you find yourself reaching into your freezer, eating a frozen Oreo, and the exact same feeling comes over the exact same palette.

The Crescent Classic – A gem of a rally 9/7

The well-loved Crescent Classic will return to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, September 7-11, 2011. Participants will enjoy the rally’s roads, its historic 1886 Crescent host hotel, and exceptional cars, as well as an expanded five-day itinerary…

Model Perspective – Aston Martin’s New Virage

If you remember the Virage as an Aston Martin model from the 1980s, you may want to take a look at the Virage 2012, which debuted this year at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1. “Virage is a French term meaning a bend or a curve,” Francesca Smith, Public Relations Manager for Aston Martin North America, told us. “But more than this, it means a shift in orientation. And for Aston Martin, the Virage means the next evolution in design.”

FCA Annual Meet – Savannah hosts annual Ferrari gathering

Since 1964, the Ferrari Club of America has conducted an Annual International Meet in or near a major city in North America. This year the multi-day event will take place June 8-12 in Savannah, Ga. The Savannah edition will feature a Historic Racing Series at the two-mile Grand Prize of America track on Hutchinson Island. Built in 1997 for an Indy car race, the track has recently been renovated and improved.