Vintage Corner: Jaguar XK 120

1948 Jaguar XK120

As the collector car market continues to do well, I am repeatedly asked what I believe will be the next car to fall into favor and achieve a large increase in value.  Of course I have ideas from time to time and of course I act on them.  I’m pleased that I chose to purchase a Shelby 289 Cobra last…

The Vintage Corner – You don’t need fancy to be fulfilled

Porsche 356

Admit it. You’ve enjoyed an extraordinary, five-star dinner and thought, That was the best meal ever! The chef must be a genius, a food god! How will my palette ever be that satiated again? Then, hours later, you find yourself reaching into your freezer, eating a frozen Oreo, and the exact same feeling comes over the exact same palette.

The Vintage Corner – The Ferrari 275 GTS: Best-driving 12-cylinder convertible?

Sometimes you can go back to your first big romance, your first date, or the crush you had on your seventh grade home room teacher, and find out that it was as glorious as your somewhat biased mind has remembered. The romance was in fact genuine, your first date is now elegant instead of cute and your old home room teacher is only slightly older than you and she could be starring in CougarTown.