Vintage Corner: 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7

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The Carrera RS 2.7 was the early 911 distilled to its essence while revved up to its full potential. This historic Porsche did not originally come to the U.S. market, but many now reside here. Premier Financial Services has leased a dozen of them.

Vintage Corner: 1939 Porsche Type 64 No. 3

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The last surviving 1939 Porsche Type 64 streamliner in existence, Car Number 3. A car so directly linked to Porsche’s postwar sports-car and racing dynasty that no pre-sale price estimate has yet been publicly posted for it.

Vintage Corner: Plymouth Hemi ’Cuda Convertible

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At Mecum’s Indianapolis auction on May 17, a 1970 Plymouth Hemi ’Cuda convertible, one of just 14 built, sold for $1.98m. This was not a surprise, nor was it a record. But it was still a showstopper, as Hemi ’Cuda convertibles sales have been for many years. If you aren’t familiar with the curious world of Hemi ’Cuda convertibles, $2m-$3.5m prices might seem a little bizarre for a car that sold for about $5,500 when new and was, at the time, shunned by muscle car buyers.