Roads & Rallies: Route 66

Route 66 Lease

Not to be cliche, but you really can get your kicks on Route 66; apart from its historical significance, the abandoned super-highway harbors vast stretches of lightly-patroled pavement, perfect for a more liberal application of the accelerator.

Roads & Rallies: Ramshorn Porsche Rally

Lease a Porsche 356

Rejoice, purists; just as classic Porsches are increasing in popularity and value, there arrives the Ramshorn Rally, a 5-day, 1300 mile excursion catered specifically for Stuttgart’s finest.

Roads & Rallies: Vintage Rallies 2016

Line of Vintage Cars in front of Mohawk Concours

Join Vintage Rallies in 2016 and drive superb roads in the Texas Hill Country, Adirondacks and Great Smoky Mountains. Experience grand hotels, plus avant garde resorts. Our friendly group of enthusiasts frequent gourmet restaurants, fascinating places to visit, and private collections not open to the public.

Roads & Rallies: 2015 Mountain Mille

Finance a Ferrari 308 GT4

Everyone’s favorite car on this year’s Mountain Mille was a 1954 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Holiday Coupe driven by a husband and wife team of newly-retired Army Colonels—Yes, Sir! Yes, Ma’am!—in training for next year’s Mille Miglia. In organizing 88 Vintage Rallies over the past 23 years, this is the first time…

Osborne Files: Road to Nowhere

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The Call of the Road
The call of the road was a key part of the American experience for decades. The coming of the ‘popular priced’ car with the Ford Model T gave folks that lived in the country a way to more easily get to the city and those that lived in the city a more convenient way to get…