Osborne Files: Today’s Collector Car Market

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Looking back on the first five weeks of classic car auction sales in 2016, the immortal words of Mr. Dickens come to mind. Depending on which sale to which you consigned your car and what your car was, it was either the best of times or very much the worst of times.

Osborne Files: Going Home Again

1963 red Chevy Corvair ad leased

We all have memories of our first car. For most of us they’re pleasant ones, reminders of not only our first taste of real independent mobility, but for enthusiasts also the moment when we could turn our childhood passion into actual practice.

Osborne Files: A Marque for Every Mood

Lease a Lancia like this Ardea

Recently I posted a photograph on a social media site of my ‘classic’ car collection circa 2007. It struck me for a two reasons. The first was that I remembered the day vividly – it was a clear, cold fall day in central Connecticut where I lived at the time and it was time that I was putting the four cars away for the winter. The second was that I was struck by how different each was from the other: a 1950 ‘Crosley-Gardner Special, a 1952 Lancia Ardea, a 1960 Alfa Romeo 2000 Touring Spider and a 1969 Lamborghini Islero.

Osborne Files: No Regrets

1950 Lancia Aurelia B50 Coupe Postcard, collecting classic cars, classic car leasing, lease a vintage vehicle

In my professional capacity, I am often liked and trusted by people I trust and like, to assist them in making wise decisions on what car to buy or sell and when. The process always begins with a series of questions designed to determine what I feel is the most important criteria for buying or selling a car: “How will you use it?”