Osborne Files: Does Macroeconomics Mean Anything?

Lease a Ferrari California Spider with Premier.

Since I’ve been away, much has happened in the world. Not least of which was ‘Brexit’. As predicted, the world financial markets all experienced declines and the Pound Sterling and Euro dived against the dollar. But, does it have an effect on the collector car market?

Osborne Files: Do Cars Have a Natural Home?

Lease an eclectic Fiat 500 Jolly

A move back to Connecticut preceded my furthest relocation at the time, 2,824 miles to Southern California where I currently hang my hat when not bouncing around the country and the world for work. That work most recently led me to establish a part-time residence in Northern Italy, and it also had me reflecting on the cars I’ve owned and how my place of residence may have influenced my choices.

Osborne Files: Beauty Lies Beneath

Lease a classic Alfa Romeo 1900

While I am drawn to many vehicles because of their design, my real joy comes in driving. There are certainly cars that might be considered by some to be a bit “visually challenged” but nonetheless deliver a rewarding experience behind the wheel.

Osborne Files: When Generations Shift Together

Black & Red Bugatti Veyron

The recent ‘generational shift’ in collecting may actually be examples of ‘mature’ collectors seeking a more comfortable, reliable and usable ride. It’s one of those rare instances in which we Baby Boomers can share an opinion with the Millennials without embarrassment or explanation.

Osborne Files: A Tale of 230s

White 1967 Mercedes-Benz 230SL Lease

I had owned a 1967 Mercedes-Benz 230SL shortly after graduating college and loved that car for its purely mechanical appeal. The younger 230 SLK had so much of the same DNA it was remarkable. It felt like a modern roadster, yet was unmistakably Mercedes.