Model Preview: McLaren Speedtail

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McLaren recently showed its next Ultimate Series car, the Speedtail, to customers who committed to buying the 106 cars to be built. That’s (intentionally) the same number of F1s made, and, like that seminal supercar, the Speedtail puts the driver in the middle, flanked by a passenger seat on either side.

Quick Look: The $90,000 Volvos

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This past August at the Bonhams Quail Lodge auction in Monterey, a beautiful blue 1972 Volvo 1800 ES with 56,000 original miles sold for $92,400, including buyer’s premium.

Model Masterpiece: Ferrari 500 Superfast

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Ferrari has been reviving classic model names for many years, most recently with the 812 Superfast. That badge originated with the 500 Superfast, a big yet exquisitely sleek grand tourer built for the marque’s top customers from 1964-1966.

Model Masterpiece: Auburn 851/852 Super-Charged Speedster

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The 2018 Monterey auctions were notable not just for the usual record-setting Ferrari sales, but also for a very strong showing among pre-war American cars. The 1935 Duesenberg SSJ LaGrande Roadster once owned by Gary Cooper stole the headlines in that realm with a $22m sale, but Gooding & Company and Mecum each sold an Auburn Super-Charged Boattail Speedster for just over $1m.

Model Preview: 2019 Porsche Speedster

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Porsche is teasing again. First shown as a concept in June, the 911 Speedster is now scheduled for production, and if you’re not already on the list to get one of the 1,948 being built for global consumption, well, there’s always the next-generation 911 coming down the pike.