A Day at the Museum – The Nethercutt Collection

For many automobile lovers, classic cars are synonymous with southern California, so it is appropriate that the Nethercutt Collection of historically important automobiles should be housed just outside Los Angeles in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. The automobiles are not just museum pieces; each is maintained to be “as drivable as when the vehicle originally rolled off the showroom floor…”

A Day at the Museum – A Restorer’s Treasure

George & Sally's Blue Moon Diner at The Gilmore Car Museum

The Gilmore Car Museum features nine main exhibit galleries, The Model A Ford Museum, the Franklin Collection, and some 150 wonderful vintage vehicles to enjoy. The site also includes eight historic barns, a re-created 1930s service station, a small town train station, nearly three miles of paved roads, and almost 75 vintage pedal cars on exhibit, not to mention one of North America’s largest displays of automotive…

Treasures in Tennessee – European Marques at the Lane Motor Museum

Lane Motor Museum

The museum’s broad cross-section of more than 45 marques represents Asia, Europe, and North and South America, and all vehicles are in running order. Many are arranged by country: Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden and the United States. Among the highlights shown is the largest Czechoslovakian collection outside Europe; a selection of microcars,…

A Day at the Museum – Visit ‘America’s oldest car collection’

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum, Brookline, Massachusetts is home to “America’s oldest car collection,” and for more than 75 years has been supporting the collector car community through a variety of educational programs, exhibits, and lectures. According to the museum, their primary goal is the continued support of the surrounding community through educational outreach and the preservation of their permanent collection of early automobiles.