Finish Line Profiles Checkered Flag Member Mitch Katz

Peterson Museum Finish Line Magazine

As a dedicated auto enthusiast, our CEO, Mitch Katz, has for many years been a member of the Checkered Flag 200 Club, which consists of supporters of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Mitch was recently profiled in Finish Line, Peterson’s flagship publication.

A Day at the Museum: Portland Art Museum’s “The Shape of Speed”

Lease a Vintage Car

The early results of automotive streamlining were nothing less than art, which is why the Portland Art Museum is celebrating the era with a special exhibit. Featuring 19 rare streamlined vehicles,The Shape of Speed: Streamlined Automobiles and Motorcycles, 1930-1942, opened June 16 and runs until September 16.

Day at the Museum: Blackhawk Automotive Museum

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Unique vehicles in an art gallery-like setting.
Danville, CA, about an hour’s drive from San Francisco, is not the most convenient locations for a classic car museum, yet the quality of the Blackhawk Automotive Museum’s exhibits, unique design and other area attractions make it worth the trip. The museum draws about 85,000 visitors a year, and there’s even a popular Cars…

Day at the Museum: The Revs Institute

The Revs Institute, an automotive museum

The story of the Revs Institute begins when Miles Collier acquired the Cunningham Museum and started adding to the collection of important vehicles. Recent partnership with Stanford University has made this museum one of the world’s preeminent sources of automotive information.

Day at the Museum: Gilmore Car Museum

Steam Carriages at the Gilmore Car Museum

Nestled between Detroit and Chicago, in America’s car manufacturing heartland, the Gilmore displays a massive assortment of predominantly post-war racing, sports, and consumer automobiles. Since 1966, this museum has been displaying historic automobiles, from the unparalleled luxury of Pierce Arrow, to the the elegance and reliability of the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.