New Model Perspective: Rolls-Royce Cullinan

It is entertaining to read Rolls-Royce marketing materials, but good-natured ribbing aside, it appears the crew in Goodwood has built something quite unique for the high-end SUV category. The Cullinan arrives next year, starting at around $325,000 before options, of which there will be plenty.

Mercedes is Reproducing Gullwing Body Parts

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Mercedes-Benz Classic has introduced a line of Gullwing body parts that should help make restorations easier. Mercedes says it worked with a “certified supplier” to develop a new process to reproduce new body panels.

Model Masterpiece: Ferrari 458 Italia

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The Ferrari 458 Italia reset just about every measurement bar one could apply to a high-performance sports car. The editors at Motor Trend magazine wrote: “The 458 Italia surrounds you so completely with its talent, it almost feels an organic extension of your senses … this Ferrari turns mere mortals like you and me into driving gods.”

Importing an Exotic Car? Maybe. Not. So. Fast.

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The “25-year exemption” allows an individual to import a vehicle that was never certified for sale in the U.S. Essentially, this is the federal government giving you a pass to bring in a car that once was forbidden. But the process is not easy, and has some potential risks.