Family Album

Doug Ewing, Vice President of Sales at Premier Celebrates 20 Years

Long before Doug Ewing joined PFS in 2000, he had already established his reputation in the automotive industry as a successful sales professional and senior manager at some of the largest and most respected car dealerships in the Northeast. Read more about:

  • His near-death sailing adventure as a teen-aged deck hand
  • Why he turned down his first offer to join Premier
  • How he learned the importance of customer service
  • The list of Porsches he’s owned over the years

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Doreen Bequary, Controller at Premier Financial Services Celebrates 14 years

Doreen’s path to her career as an accountant was neither direct nor easy. It included years of attending night school while raising a young family, discovery of her love for numbers, and the long preparation for her designation as a CPA. Read more about:

  • Her greatest accomplishment at PFS
  • How photography has taken her to more than 20 countries
  • The three precautions she offers for other world travelers
  • Her advice for young women starting out on their career

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Alexis Chacchia, VP of Operations Celebrates 20 Years at Premier

When Alexis joined Premier in 2000, she had already worked in her family’s small business, and held managerial positions with national companies. So as its 5th employee, she came well prepared to apply her operational experience and strong work ethic at the young company. Read more about:

  • Growing up in a family culture that “just got things done.”
  • Her experiences working for several well-known companies
  • Ways that she has helped to “connect the dots” at PFS
  • Her passion for helping other people to succeed

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Juan Garcia, Our West Coast Sales Manager Celebrates 18 Years at Premier

Over the past 18 years, our West Coast Sales Manager, Juan Garcia, has ignored all of the cultural stereotypes, and pushed far beyond whatever barriers have stood in his way to achieve his goals. Juan’s generous heart, ready smile and ability to listen are why people on both coasts, and in between, enjoy working with him. Read more about:

  • How a single moment, while cutting classes, changed his life forever
  • The one change he made to his resume that made the phones ring
  • Why Rolls-Royce management believed he could train their dealers
  • His new “VIP Rules” for sales reps at a Beverly Hills Rolls-Royce dealership
  • What personal gestures convinced him that he should join Premier

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Lisa James, Director of Risk Management Celebrates 16 Years at Premier

Premier’s reputation is based on quick and seamless execution of dozens of complex financial, legal, administrative and communication-related tasks. Lisa James’ versatility and skills have been applied to nearly every critical “back office” function at Premier. Learn more about:

  • How her talent and tenacity fueled her career path working at IBM
  • The broad range of roles and responsibilities she’s had at Premier
  • Her ability to successfully juggle work and family responsibilities
  • Why two of her favorite places are Block Island, RI and St. John, USVI

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