Industry Interview: Ken Lingenfelter

Ken Lingenfelter dedicated a large portion of his life to Building a highly successful title insurance firm that was eventually acquired by a large publicly held company. Unlike many other entrepreneurs, however, Ken chose not to spend the rest of his days enjoying the fruits of his labors. Instead, he increased his activity level; by focusing on making his extensive car collection a platform for charitable giving, and by stepping in as the hands-on owner at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, which delivers a range of world-class products and services for serious high performance car enthusiasts.

In this interview, Ken explains:

  • How his career path was shaped by his father’s strong work ethic and his love of cars
  • The risks involved in owning a Chevy when you live in an “all Ford” town
  • What one moment as a 10 year-old boy shaped his life-long passion for Corvettes
  • The circumstances that caused him to take over Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

To learn more about Ken, and how he’s built a highly successful business that also sustains his life-long passion for classic cars, click here to read our entire interview.


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