Industry Interview: Ed Bolian

Ed Bolian started an exotic car company as a college student and went on to become the Director of Sales at Lamborghini Atlanta. In 2016, he launched the VINwiki app as a tool to crowdsource vehicle history. Ed’s YouTube video channel – featuring educational and wacky car stories – has more than 625,000 subscribers.

In this interview, Ed explains:

  • The backstory behind his enduring love for the Lamborghini Murcielago
  • His world record title in the “real world” Cannonball Run cross-country car race
  • How VINwiki’s unplanned strategy to market the app through YouTube videos came about
  • Possible future plans for the big data that’s being collected by VINwiki

To learn more about Ed and how he’s built a worldwide internet following based on his love for exotic and vintage cars, click here to read our entire interview.


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