The PFS Simple Lease – In Dealer Terms

Leasing an exotic, vintage, classic or luxury vehicle with The PFS Simple Lease provides a flexible, simple financing option for dealers to provide their clients.  Financing your client’s next vehicle lease with The PFS Simple Lease will enable the client to:

  • Terminate their lease at any time
  • Switch cars whenever they wish
  • Pay off the balance and own the car
  • Drive more car for their money

Premier Financial Services’ sole focus is providing lease financing for unique automotive assets. We are not in the business of buying and selling cars. Our goal is to provide quality customer service with unrivaled transparency and competitive lease financing terms.

How The PFS Simple Lease Works

Step 1: Call or Email Premier for Lease Terms

Wherever your dealership is located, there is a dedicated Regional Sales Manager and Sales Support Team available 24/7 to structure the finance terms to best suit your client. Get a Quote

Step 2: Submit the Lease Application

Simply have your client apply through our secure website, or submit a lease application through Dealertrack® for a fast approval.

The Sales Team at Premier will process your application as soon as it is received and submit it to our underwriting team for approval. In most cases, conditional approvals are issued within several hours. Your Regional Sales Manager works closely with you and your client to facilitate a seamless process.

Step 3: Expedited Lease Contracts

Once approved, simply provide the client’s Driver’s License and the Bill of Sale (or Buyers Order) and Premier Financial Services will expedite delivery by providing leases for electronic signature for directly to your client. They simply follow the prompts to sign the lease and the contracts are returned to PFS immediately fully completed and ready to fund.

Alternatively, Premier can email the contracts directly to your dealership, so the client can physically sign at delivery. The leases need to then be overnighted to Premier’s corporate offices for funding.

Step 4: Supply Documentation

In order to expedite funding, supply a copy of a free & clear title, an odometer statement, and any other motor vehicle documents and stipulations required by PFS. Our corporate offices fund the dealer immediately upon receipt of executed vehicle lease contracts, requested vehicle and registration documentation and a properly endorsed certificate of insurance.

Step 5: Ongoing Customer Service

Premier’s Regional Sales Managers keep you connected with your clients by communicating with your dealership over the life of the lease, including payoff requests notifications.

Early Termination Program

If your client wishes to end their lease prior to expiration, they simply pay the balance owed at any time, which is calculated using a simple interest formula. This makes moving them in and out of new vehicles flexible and easy.

Switching Cars

Clients may switch cars within their existing lease without penalty by paying any difference in value between the two vehicles. The lease’s residual value and the lease payments remain the same.

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