5 EARLY TERM Mercedes Gray Interior

Getting out of lease should be as simple as getting into one. The PFS Simple Lease affords your clients the flexibility of traditional financing with the tax benefits of leasing, allowing early termination gives your clients the ability to change vehicles as often as they wish.

The Dealership Benefits of the Simple Lease:

The PFS Simple Lease isn’t simply good for customers—it’s great for dealers, too.

PFS Simple Lease Benefits:

  • Clients are more likely to return to your dealership for their next vehicle
  • Your clients are more likely to lease additional vehicles
  • Clients always know their payoff and have a detailed amortization schedule
  • Our streamlined funding process allows for seamless trade-ins
  • Premier handles all the paperwork and expedites the title of any PFS traded vehicle
  • The PFS Simple Lease provides significant tax savings in most states

With the ever-changing tastes of car enthusiasts and collectors, Premier makes financing an exotic or luxury vehicle simple by offering your clients the Early Termination advantage. The average customer switches cars every two to three years, and our program keeps it simple.

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