Morgan McCarthy

Office Manager – Joined PFS in 2014

PFS Responsibilities: “My responsibilities include supervision of operations clerical staff, facilities management, travel coordination, IT support, and marketing. I also assist the Sales Support and Asset Management teams.”

Working at PFS: “This is the first company I’ve worked for since graduating from college. Premier offers opportunities both in and outside of the office to expand your skills. For example, Premier gave me the opportunity to attend the two-day seminar where I learned about management skills, which I brought back to the office and am now sharing with our leadership group.”

Personal Life: I’ve always had an interest in cars since I was little and would point out the vehicle marques as they drove by. Most kids wanted to be a vet or a firefighter when they grew up, I wanted to be a professional automobile photographer. I enjoy photography and would love to go to Europe and visit the abandoned castles and old buildings and photograph the forgotten beauty before it is lost forever.

Dream Car: “I would own a 1970 Chevelle SS 454. There’s something about old muscle cars that I can’t get over. ”

Morgan’s Insight for PFS Clients: I believe that choosing to work with Premier will be the best leasing decision they can make because we truly care about our clients, and strive to go above and beyond their expectations to ensure that they’re satisfied with our services. They won’t find better concierge service in the vintage and exotic leasing market anywhere else.”